The news reports coming out of Haiti are shocking and grim…  Please donate what you can.  There are lots of great organizations out there that are already engaged in relief efforts to the Haitian people trying to survive this catastrophe.  I sent my money to Doctors Without Borders, a fantastic organization.  I hope you’ll join me…

Update: An article from the NYTimes about relief efforts in Haiti and the great difficulty of getting help to those who need it.  I suspect the news will only grow worse in the coming days.  Please do what you can to help.

Aid Workers Scramble Amid Haiti’s Chaos

2 thoughts on “Haiti

  1. Agreed, Doctors Without Borders are a good organisation. There are plenty of others, too… my money went to Oxfam. I think it’s probably more efficient to donate to those sorts of organisations than to do things like buying songs like We Are The World 25 or Everybody Hurts, but every little bit helps.

    A colleague of mine recently came back from helping to set up a tent camp and distribute supplies in Haiti and he writes a little bit about it here: http://iddbirmingham.wordpress.com/2010/02/18/haiti/

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