I totally found this by accident…

OK, I realize no one is going to believe the lead-in to how I stumbled across this gem, but I swear it is true…  So, I was video-chatting with my dad (seriously) and I could only see him, not hear him.  I wanted to make sure there wasn’t a problem with my speakers or sound card – so I navigated to YouTube’s main page and just clicked on the first video I saw…  And this was it…  And it’s NSFW-ish…  No actual naughty bits are exposed, but some awfully skimpy bikinis are modeled…  Oh, and for the impatient among you, the good stuff (by which I mean “alarmingly bad stuff”) starts at 1:11…

Seriously, WTF?  Umbrellas (and cheap-ass umbrellas at that)? Day-Glo headbands? Sexy dry-cleaning-bag ponchos? Oversized novelty glasses? Body bedazzling? And did I mention the cheap-ass umbrellas?  And that the model’s name is “Mike Lay“? Dios mio…

The glossy lips and rouge are just freaking me out even more…  And yet, he’s kind of adorable – especially in the intro before he’s all tarted-up and brollied…  Anyhow, this was simply too good (by which I mean crazy) to not share…  Enjoy!

Oh, and by the way…  does anyone know where I can pick up a copy of HEY! magazine..?  It’s for a friend…

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