Johnny Weir performs to “Poker Face”

Presented without comment…   Well, other than that this performance takes place in Japan, thus increasing the awesomeness exponentially…

6 thoughts on “Johnny Weir performs to “Poker Face”

  1. Brothie, this reminds me of the customer review of this song by “desertthunder” that I saw while downloading it on Note the embarrassingly incorrect lyrics: “This song is so different, especially from her recent hit “Just Dance,” but I really enjoy it for some reason. I love the beat of the song, but also the very unique language like, “glue gunning,” “chicken in the casino,” etc. I think it’s an awesome dance track, and will be her next big hit!”

    1. Maybe I’ll have some chicken in the casino while I’m in Las Vegas next week… It sounds very unique, indeed…

      “Winner, winner! Chicken dinner!”

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