Still Vegas, baby!

Breakfast of mildly-hungover champions.

Today was pretty low key…  Late breakfast at the Bellagio coffee shop before deciding to check out Ben Sherman store again.  Good thing I did – apparently I wasn’t paying very close attention the first time as I managed to overlook the half-dozen shirts, a sweater and jacket now in my possession…  And all at 50% off markdown – yes, off markdown!

Then I walked approximately 47 miles (Las Vegas is not designed for pedestrians) to Walgreens to stock up on electrolyte-enhanced water (between the dry desert air and the copious amounts of liquor I’ve consumed, I feel a bit dehydrated…) and snacks.  Then, after a little lie-down, I decided to take advantage of my hotel’s gym facilities and completed a full work-out.  Place all to myself save for the last ten minutes – really nice way to go to the gym…

For a small extra fee, was able to use the Vdara spa facilities too: showers, sauna, steam and hot plunge.  The place is smallish and feels very intimate.  Lots of aqua glass and caramel-colored wood…  And let me tell you it was freakin’ heavenly…  I had the entire place to myself for my whole visit (well, except for foxy Bruno the spa dude who showed me to my locker…). The sauna was impeccable.  The steam room was the the steamiest I’ve ever been in (I mean that in the literal sense: their were copious amounts of steam) and fragrant with eucalyptus (not with mildew like most steam rooms).  And the showers are huge and stocked with Aveda products.  It was really a perfect cap to my quiet day and I feel like a million bucks…

My friend Tina arrives at LAS shortly…  Then it’s off to dinner, gambling and general mayhem…  Life is good.

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