La cena per uno

I’ve been at death’s door for the most of last week since I returned from Las Vegas, so I haven’t been doing much – and thus have been relying on amusing items I’ve found on other blogs rather than plucked from my own generally-fascinating (ahem) life…

Well, this hasn’t changed particularly.  But the highlight of this week was definitely the dinner I managed to whip up last night.  I’ve not been cooking so much as I used to – take-out is tasty and so much easier (though I really do hate having to recycle and/or compost the containers – how I miss the days of just blithely throwing everything in the garbage…  So much simpler…)

At any rate, since I’m just finishing up a course of antibiotics, the leftover Indian food in the fridge seemed a potentially dangerous choice for dinner (thanks to the meds, I’m having some volcanic activity south of the equator, if you know what I mean…  Or to use another euphemism, I have the shits…) But it was late and raining and I didn’t feel like going out to get something…

It was even lovelier to behold before I scarfed down half of it...

So what to make?  Let’s check the fridge…  Hmm, pickles, mustard, brandied cherries and lemon marmalade…  Well, that’s not a very promising start…

Plan B – I did have some not-quite-completely-sprouting garlic… I chopped that up and sautéed in olive oil along with some chile flakes. Added dried basil at the end, then tossed it with rigatoni, a little butter and anchovy paste. Grated a bunch of parmigiano on top, along with black pepper – and it was freakin’ delicious if I do say so myself. Was a little worried I’d over-cooked the garlic. It got just a tad crispy, but it wasn’t burnt so it didn’t get bitter – in fact, it actually added a nice bit of texture…

Anyhow, I’m always pretty impressed with myself when I manage to serve up something tasty with whatever meager ingredients are at hand… I’m not always so good at being the spontaneous chef.

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