Break it down, Robot

Thought this was very clever – it totally won me over with the Mom “tattoo” scene…  Genius.  And who can resist a guy doing the robot with a robot?

Probably my favorite of yesterday’s Super Bowl commercials.  And, BTW, I actually watched and enjoyed the entire game (well, save for the Geritol half-time show…)  I think I even understand what a first down is now (though how many downs does one get?).  I was rooting for the Saints because:

A. Scott Fujita is a Saint (and apparently an all-around good guy).

B. Their logo is a fleur-de-lis.  So fancy! So elegant! So très français! What’s not to love?

C. I’ve heard hardcore football fans that I know disparage Peyton Manning – so, sure, I’ll jump on that bandwagon!

D. Jeremy Shockey is a Saint…  I don’t know anything about him or whether he’s a good guy or not…  All I know about him is what I saw in the linked photo – and that’s enough for me…

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