Orrecchiette con tonno e broccoli

Not quite as good as last week’s rigatoni, but a pretty decent dinner with a modicum of pots and pans required.  Sautéed garlic and capers in some olive oil, added a can of good (and shockingly expensive) albacore tuna along with some broccoli, white wine and a little lemon. And it was tasty – but I felt like it was missing something, though I have yet to put my finger on what. I was tempted to throw in some dill, but didn’t have any – maybe a little tomato paste? Suggestions welcome…

4 thoughts on “Orrecchiette con tonno e broccoli

    1. Actually, I did throw in some chile flakes… Maybe not enough? I had leftovers tonight – added some lemon at the end, which seemed to help. And I went ahead and broke the “no cheese with fish pasta” – but I figured the tuna could stand up to it…

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