This should make for a relaxing evening.

My apartment management company “upgraded” the electrical system in my building several months ago, part of which included installation of an electrical sub-panel in each unit (they’d previously been down in the basement).  But, oopsie, they failed to get permits to do the work AND they installed them in locations that violate California building codes…

So, today, the electricians returned to move my sub-panel from the bathroom (yeah, that seemed kinda dicey from the get-go…  But at least I didn’t have to look at it…) to my bedroom wall – a space previously occupied by some lovely artwork…  The result is delightful…

Maybe I'll just claim it's conceptual art...

Actually, I shouldn’t complain too much.  It’s set nearly flush with the wall and should be easy to disguise with some new artwork, albeit in a larger frame.

But the best part is that I had to empty both my front hall and bedroom closets (yes, including this one) so they could run the various tubes and wires through walls.  And while the electrical work appears to be complete, none of the patching and painting have been finished. Meaning I cannot put anything back where it belongs.

Now, I’m sure it comes as a huge surprise to anyone who knows me, but I’m just a wee bit fussy about keeping things organized in a particular way. Yes, I realize this is shocking to hear, but it is true…  You can thus imagine how delightful it is for me to be in my apartment tonight…  If anyone feels like stopping by with some Klonopin or Miltown, I’ll be curled up in a ball in the front hallway mumbling, “The horror…  The horror…”

Bedroom - so spa-like!
Living room - make yourself at home!
Living room - stacking up my neatly pressed and hung shirts in a pile doesn't bother me at all! No siree, not one bit!
Kitchen - What's cookin'? Nothing! Nothing at all!

6 thoughts on “This should make for a relaxing evening.

  1. Our big, ugly, gray electrical box is in the living room. We camouflaged it with a salvaged stained glass window. You should come out and see it in person (hint, hint)!

    1. Tonight I was thinking I’d start strewing McDonalds wrappers, empty 2-liter Mountain Dew bottles and soiled adult diapers around the place to give it the real “Hoarders” ambiance…

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