Hey NBC – Cut It Out

Go on with your bad self...

I’ve only been dabbling in my watching of the Olympics, sticking mostly to the homosexual events (figure skating and men’s nude curling).  Yet I must nonetheless lodge several complaints:

  • “Medal” is a noun.  One may indeed win a medal, but when I hear references to somebody’s potential to “medal” or the act of “medaling” from one of the jackasses on the TV, I can only assume that they’re referring to someone who is trying to get all up in someone’s grill, i.e. meddling.
  • Yes, to some extent the raison d’être of the Olympics is to celebrate one’s pride in one’s country and the sporting abilities of one’s fellow citizens of said country.  But, Jesus, NBC – your jingoism is as subtle as a sledgehammer.  “Shaun White wins the half-pipe gold medal! His teammate Scotty Lago gets the bronze!”  Apparently, there was no silver…  Or maybe they should have just added, “Some godless commie squarehead from some other country that is not nearly as awesome as America somehow came in second! WTF? USA! USA!”
  • Enough with the code words when describing Johnny Weir. “Flamboyant.” “Outspoken.” “Controversial.” “Pillow biter.” OK, I made that last one up – but it sure is implied…  Seriously, NBC, it’s just so sniggering and juvenile.  Would you be referring to Shani Davis as “dusky” or “articulate”?  Actually, you probably would…  Apparently, homophobia trumps the jingoism…  Oh, and Scott Hamilton can kiss my (and Johnny’s) ass – besides being a shitty announcer, his antipathy towards Weir (and his fabulosity) and his rah-rahing for Lysacek is vomitous.
  • Please show competition live on the West coast…  I don’t want to stay up until midnight watching skating – plus I have to forgo any use of the internet at all in order to preserve a total news blackout on the already-known results.
  • Finally, I suppose it’s not really NBC’s fault that I’m a crotchety old coot – but I find snowboarding to be a big snooze.  “Get off my lawn, you dang whippersnappers!”

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