Why, Y?

Jeez, it’s only Tuesday and the patrons at the YMCA have already outdone themselves…  Yesterday’s highlights included somebody singing in the locker room; somebody else doing his elaborate stretching routine in the locker room; and some dude using the sink to rinse out the copious bodily excretions accumulated in his sauna suit…

And today, unbeknownst to me, was apparently “If You’re an Unattractive Homo Who Doesn’t Know How to Check Out Guys Discreetly, Then Be Sure to Molest Eric With Your Eyes While He Is Minding His Own Business and Just Trying to Finish His Lame-Ass Workout… And Also Be Sure to Get in His Way A Lot So He’ll Be Even More Irritated” Day. I wish they’d’ve put this on the calendar so I could’ve skipped it…

On the plus side though, I finally introduced myself to the cute guy who works there…  Regrettably, this did not result in being asked out on a date…  Nor did it take place in the showers while we were soaping each other up…  Maybe next time…

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