Before and After

Well, all I can say is “thank you Jesus” for giving me the decorating gene to go along with the homosexual gene (though I guess they are generally linked…)

At any rate, the hideous electrical sub-panel that was recently installed in my bedroom has now been rendered invisible by a rather delightful photograph I shot in Tokyo.  And the best part? No nails required – the frame is actually hanging off the top of the sub-panel…  Every morning, I wake up and take great pleasure in the photograph itself (which is quite charming if I do say so myself) and the fact that I have artfully disguised the unsightly fusebox…  Gays: 1; Electricians: 0.


4 thoughts on “Before and After

  1. how can you homos be so need?? i wish was. you should see my lesbian firnds place. its worse than anything dudes place! so now they broke up and one of them moved in with a gay dude and their place is adorable. going there feels like going home to mum. they have nice boxes and drawers and shelfs to put everything in its place. love it.

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