More of the same…

Another tipsy evening at Hula’s…  They were showing the Oscars, so I did get in a little bit of dishing celebrities.  Also, made the acquaintance of an American fellow who lives in Tokyo…  He is visiting Hawaii with his wife and her family…  Apparently, the stumbled across Hula’s and thought, “This place looks nice” – not realizing until they’d been there for 45 minutes that it was all guys in the place…  But they enjoyed themselves – and had thus returned last evening…  It was really nice meeting them all and he was kind enough to give me his email address so we can try to get together when I return to Tokyo later this year…  Also, met a nice Kiwi and his girlfriend (i.e. friend who is a girl) and had great fun yakking and dancing with them…

The view from under my umbrella (ella-ella-ella)

Despite the overcast morning, spent most of the afternoon at the beach.  Weather behaved until about 330 or so when the clouds returned and it cooled down a bit.  Happily, my arrival back at my hotel room coincided with the broadcast of Judge Judy, so that killed an hour before dinner.

Dinner at Ginza Bairin for tonkatsu (my favorite). Very good, though I may have ordered the wrong thing – the Kurobuta pork was really delicious, but it’s also a huge portion and has a big fatty side…  I prefer my meat leaner and probably should’ve gotten the tenderloin katsu… But what’re you gonna do?  And the pickles I started with were truly the most delicious pickles I’ve ever eaten…  And I’ve eaten a lot of pickles, if you know what I mean…  Heh…


Likely headed back to Hula’s later.  It’s funny – doesn’t really get hopping there ’til 930 or 10.  I guess I expected evenings to begin earlier here, what with all the mainlanders being two to five hours earlier than home.  But I’ll probably try to make an early night of it regardless (yeah, right) since I actually have to do some work stuff in the morning – shouldn’t take too long and then back to the beach.

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