“Stop callin’, stop callin’…”

I realize this is already all over the intertubes, but it’s my duty as a homo to post the epic (i.e. nearly 10 minute long) video for “Telephone” by Lady Gaga featuring Beyoncé…  And, yes, I like it – really what’s not to like?  Also, depending on your place of employ, could be deemed NSFW-ish…  Enjoy – if you haven’t already!  Oh, and as Michael K. said on Dlisted, “Beyoncé’s acting will melt the glue in your weave.”

71 thoughts on ““Stop callin’, stop callin’…”

  1. I’m sorry, but I disagree. Unlike some of Gaga’s earlier videos, which are intriguing and thought provoking – I found myself wondering why Gaga found it necessary to exploit herself to the extreme. I wasn’t impressed, but that’s just my opinion. 🙂

    1. I saw only the last few minutes of this on TV last night and, based on the colors and the sets, thought Dave LaChappelle had directed…

  2. It’s amazing. It’s not exploitative, but subversive. You have to evoke imagery that is problematic to then problematize it, redefine, and reevaluate it. She does this so well, that is can be hard sometimes to see past the imagery to see the meaning and re/visioning of it. It is an amazing form on satire on female stereotypes and what we expect women as autonomous characters to be like. Go Gaga a Honey B!

    1. I still like the song, but I can identify with this opinion. The song and the video are interesting separately and on their own merit…but I’m not sure they pair particularly well together. The song references being at the club on the dance floor and not wanting to be bothered by calls, the video is something completely different. That said, I still find the story told by the video to be intriguing, and I like the “Thelma and Louise” angle they took with the story. Both Gaga and Beyonce at excellent in this.

    1. Also, I just saw the video, but couldn’t get pass the first part with her jumping on the bars… I’m not impressed– so many little kids look up to her. There needs to be an example set.

      1. Kids look up to her ?

        Tell those kids to find someone better to look up to and let the adults enjoy this amazing piece of performance arts.

      2. Lots of very young kids know her songs and go around singing ‘I wanna take a ride on your disco stick’ not really knowing what it means which is disturbing
        but I look up to her in a way.. not to her hyper-sexual side, but in her creativity and boldness.

      3. It doesn’t seem like she markets herself to kids (like B. Spears for example). Not everyone has to be held to a standard of how it affects The Children.

        1. Let me clarify. Of course pop music has a young audience, but she didn’t launch her career from Disney and declare/pretend she was a virgin for a decade. Her costumes are so outlandish it’s almost as if she doesn’t want kids to like her. I think she aims for an adult audience.

  3. HAH I totally just posted about this…. I just about died laughing when beyonce shows up in the pussywagon. and when they bust out the american flag at the end. awesome.

  4. Its got the ‘PussyWagon’ from Kill Bill in it and Gaga calls Béyonce “Honey-baby” like in Pulp Fiction,I therefore adore it!

  5. I just can’t get into Lady Gaga. And as a music writer, I’ve tried. But Gaga is just another venture in shockdom. (At least Marilyn Manson had something to say underneath all the cosmetic nonsense, etc.) Gaga, like her name, is a baby’s garble. It’s all style and no substance, much like a huge segment of America itself. I’m no old prude. I dig Iggy Pop, and sometimes even nutjobs like GG Allin. But Gaga is just vapid. She’s like La Roux and Kylie Minogue + weirdness. Shock artifice boring. Are we so desperate for entertainment in this ADD world that we can’t love “the act” more than the skill. This isn’t Bowie all glammed up. He was a musical and lyrical magician. Gaga is just — well, gag-inducing. (Just being honest.)

    1. Chacun à son goût, of course – but there’s a part of me that thinks you’re missing the point. Yes, Lady Gaga cultivates a certain outrageous persona – and this video is no exception – but let’s remember that the genre of music she produces is pop music – and that “pop” is short for “popular.”

      I’m not suggesting that her popularity requires you to like or admire her music – but the fact is she has demonstrated a keen ability to create pop music with irresistible hooks, lyrics that range from the banal to ingenious (e.g. Paparazzi) and are, in the view of many, truly fine examples of pop music.

      To compare her to Iggy Pop, GG Allin or even LaRoux, is an apples-to-oranges comparison. Again, this doesn’t mean they are better or worse – just different.

      Also, I think it’s worthwhile to point out that she is both skilled musician and an amazing performer (whether one finds her performances appealing or not is personal taste obviously – but to deny her talent in this area is disingenuous) Most pop stars really fall solely into the “performer” category…

    2. I agree with DavidRobbins above. Meaninglessness can not become meaningful through popularity, intensity or frequency.

    3. I totally agree on some counts here; “Pop” does not need to have depth and Lady Gaga is not violating any rules here because her music is just floozy. It’s made for a mere 2-week consumption on your iPod before the next cheesy single hits stores or iTunes.

      Thus she’s not original in any way musically and she’s not talented as a songwriter although her voice is strong and capable.

      Fashion-wise – she is an original rip off to many that came before her.

      Her I-wanna-be-Madonna-in-a-Marilyn-Manson-drugged-up-Amy-Winehouse-spaced-David-Bowie kind of way does not impress or fool me but to non-discerning consumers (i.e. the young teens and twenty-something year olds) this is great music to get drunk, party and hit the orgies with. Yes, there are 2-dimensional folk in the world that exist in this world to consume such bland fare that’s blasting the world of radio today.

      What you have to give her credit for is that her image and music are able to get you to watch her videos, buy her music and react to them accordingly because she deliberately ups the surprise factor.

      Admit it – she does raise your eyebrows and raise heartbeats, doesn’t she with her nipple tapes and body exposure.

      And that’s what entertainment is all about these days. Watching celebs like her ‘push’ the boundaries of ‘artistry’ via nudity or semi-nudity/shock imagery.

      There’s hardly any concept or depth of maturity in the actual creative works that these people do.

      I mean, c’mon look at how Madonna’s gotten away with it for over 20 years with at least 70% of her songs because it speaks of self-indulgence, but somehow through aging, Madonna has found a charming maturity about the way she approaches her work and it’s not about being insular about the work because she knows it’s the whole package – not just the music.

      Lady Gaga knows this fully well and has therefore closely followed good ole Mad’s formula for music biz success.

      Frankly, personally I’m not surprised or shocked because it’s all been done before by Madonna. Lady Gaga is merely recycling the whole thing for a younger generation and I won’t be surprised 2o years from now, she will be the Madonna of this next generation.

      Peace out!

  6. Hated it! Self-indulgent. Gross. Pointless. Stupid. IMHO it’s a smokescreen for a lack of talent. She’s following in the footsteps of Madonna and Britney Spears by trying to be provocative and slutty, and she may turn out to be even more of a flash the pan.

    1. HAHAHAHA! Yes, when I think “flash in the pan,” I think of Madonna… I mean, jeez, her career has only lasted 30+ years… And Britney’s only been topping the charts for 12 years…

      Doesn’t mean you have to like Lady Gaga, but your examples are not ideal…

  7. The first time I listened to Lady Gaga, she sounded like one of those DJ singers, very Europop, very dance and trance oriented. But I’ve come to realise that there are different genres in her music which makes her so appealing. There is much more underneath the exterior. Lady Gaga is like an onion, many layers to unravel. She’s evolving and so creative and I believe she’s here to stay.

  8. I see your point, Eric, and you may be right. My point is that both Madonna and Britney Spears peaked, then escalated their slutty behavior and strange was as they both slide out of the primetime limelight. I’m not saying they don’t have successful careers. I’m saying they are not the “in” thing any longer. From writhing on stage to kissing each other to sporting reptiles as neckwear. Their antics have to keep escalating to maintain their position which still continues to erode in spite of it all. I’m just predicting a similar fate for Lady GaGa as well.

    1. Yeah, I get you – though I think I’d disagree with your view of Lady Gaga as being particularly slutty or shocking in the context of what passes for pop culture today… And I think she deserves props for having her own point-of-view when it comes to fashion and performance, i.e. it feels organic to me. She was a club kid in NYC and it still shows in what she does – and I don’t get the impression that she’s co-opting the trends being set by others. This is a lot different than Madonna (who I’ve loved and hated) who, while a successful and at times amazing performer, is ultimately an extremely shrewd business woman capable of managing her career and her persona in such a way as to make huge amounts of money… I don’t mean to suggest Lady Gaga isn’t interested in financial success, but I think she is both a genuine trendsetter and highly cognizant of pop culture and its history.

      And I think there’s humor underlying much of what she does… I thought the smoldering-cigarette-glasses were a riot… And in the “Paparazzi” video, she wears the iconic Thierry Mugler metal suit, while in a wheelchair and then while walking with crutches… I thought this was pretty hysterical – but there’s also some interesting commentary on pop culture and fashion underlying this choice…

  9. Never really been a fan of Lady Gaga because she just seems like a product of some record label. For a sec, I liked her fashion choices which became statements and blah blah blah. But now its just… Bitch, you just got a phone on your head.

  10. Hey kiddo!
    I just saw her in concert about 2 weeks ago, and man, did she put on a CRAZY show! This video looks hyper-rehearsed and therefore people seem to be a bit weary of how Gaga is climbing the ladder to the top, because she came from being scattered to putting it all together! I can’t dislike this video — only admire it, like any contemporary work with at least 5 outfit changes.

  11. Lady GaGa does have catchy songs I will admit, however, when I sat thru this video I wasn`t very impressed. Also, it made me hate the song even more than I already did.

    Plus Beyonce needs to hush and drop out of the music business. That`s my personal opinion.

  12. I thought the video was actuelly quite funny. Well made as well. The Kill Bill references were clever (and this from someone who didn’t like thise films).
    I would also have to agree that Gaga is definately NOT a role model for kids. Any kids looking up to her need to re-think and get a new idol.
    Only negative – I hated the blatent commercialism for Virgin Mobile. Thts just annoyin!

    1. Agreeing with you on the not-so-subliminal advertising. There were also adverts for Wonderbread, Diet Coke, and Kraft if you look again. It definitely WAS annoying and distracted me from the rest of the video.

  13. I’m not impressed with this new vid. It’s not bad at all but sher’s recycling lots of ideas, her choreography is pretty average and we see the sames themes over and over again…Should she have made it as an independent project with a new or different song which would fit, it’d have mdae the product very exciting! instead, it seems like she’s trying too hard to make an interesting video to support a song which otherwise sounds flat compared to her previous songs. That’s a real shame though because the song actually is pretty good and could have benefitted from a better video. actually just spotted on Youtube a parody for the vid and it’s just soooo funny!!! Perhaps Lady Gaga needs to give her vids some sense of humor now…

  14. I watched it yesterday, I like lady gaga’s songs, but I will restrain myself from watching her performing them – including in videos. I just think she needs to tone it down a bit. When I see her it makes me think of kids in HS that wold become ‘gothic’ and underneath all that makeup and black clothing there was a needy insecure person that craved attention as he was not given any while growing up. I get it tho.. maybe gaga is not this HS person she is just expressing herself… and I ser her expression as “look at me I am a weirdo, an odd person and I in no manner or way fit in this world”… but yeah sure she is being artistic.

    While watching this video it reminded me of Rihanna’s odd Hard video… Minnie Mouse on top of a Pink tank… really?

    I’ll stick to reality.. I preferred when I thought of the song as a normal girl being too busy to answer her phone as she was enjoying herself in the club….. not in jail.

  15. The post is timely and of course opinions differ, we are not necios or be more extreme … and we will agree, that the extravagant points out, what happens is that many have lost their shine and expose real way to play the ridiculous , our opinions are acceptable here, because for this there is the freedom of “expression”. In short, I think only so many artists are without real talent and can play the clown at times and are exposed too.

  16. Sorry, don’t like her music, doesn’t have no substance, no meaning. She’s selling a product which is her which doesn’t impressed me at all. So, why bother? This new music today is so full of autotuned junkies that doesn’t sing and their only attribute is that they look good. Remember Milli Vanilli everyone?

  17. i think gaga did this to somehow prove she is female (subconciously maybe?).
    it’s evident she is constantly (in most cases thoughtout the video) wearing less than her partner in crime, beyoncé.
    overall, entertaining to say the least.
    beyoncé reminds me of tyra banks in this video.

  18. There was so many advertisements in that video, it was overbearing.
    I find she tries to hard at certain parts, especially the scene with yellow tape around her.
    She pretty much whores herself so much in that video while Beyonce is being lazy yet still being fierce. (Her acting was just plain awful)

  19. gaga was just amazing, hands down amazing. but the beyonce part of the song could have been WAY MORE amazing. they could have done something amazing in that section, not just taking polaroids of her driving. but over all i loved it.

  20. Oh LORD this was great 🙂 lady gaga you are crazyyyy, i haven’t seen a mind like her yet and that’s what makes her so wonderful, that no one else would do this!

  21. i love the song but the music vid was long and at a few points in the music video where i got lost like why is gaga in jail or why she was dancing infront of the so called “pussy wagon” but eather way love the song

  22. And to add to what I mentioned in response to David’s comments – this video and music is sooooo *yawn*

    I find a lot of US pop musicians have lost it, musically and lyrically. The music is not only fluffy and sounds like a rip-off of some UK pop band but also the lyrics are self-indulgent and don’t speak to listener’s emotions.

    It’s all about partying, having sex, booty, booze, gangstas and bashing each other up. Geez!

    UK/Euro/Australian musicians, on the other hand, have more creative ways of pushing artistry without having to succumb to music videos with nudity/semi-nudity or submit themselves to dumbed-down song lyrics. Take for example the witty lyrics of Lilly Allen or Amy Winehouse which speaks of real experiences.

    Even Kasabian, Muse, Arctic Monkeys (UK), Cut Copy, INXS, Van She (Australia) or Kings of Convenience have made music I can really listen to 20 years down the road. It’s witty or thought-provoking enough for me to want to hear them again and again.

    So that means absolutely no Lady Gaga on my iPod. Her music sounds good for about a month before I think I would trash it to my music recycling bin.


  23. I quite honestly do not think that Lady Gaga will become the new Britney. She seems to have something less going on with personal exposure. Does anyone know who Lady Gaga is in terms of tabloids? She’s got a babbling exterior, but it seems as though there’s finally some sort of artistic mind going on underneath.

  24. i don’t exactly see why it would be your duty as a homo, but apart from that, definitly worth posting. Great clip.

  25. Great track, and I’ve been lookin’ forward to the video… but honestly, I was a bit disappointed. I think if the video was more in tune with the lyrics, it would have been much better. Still, Gaga is one psycho bitch and you have to love her for that.

  26. “Unlike some of Gaga’s earlier videos, which are intriguing and thought provoking -”

    NONE of GaGa’s early music videos are thought provoking except Paparazzi (and you act like she came out a century ago). This video is different and fun. Get into it.

  27. From what I hear, Gaga has said she’s not actually talking about getting phonecalls – but about the insistence of her inner muse, always telling her, “Do this! Do that!” – and that it can be exhausting… Just an FYI for all those folks who think this video could only be successful if it was a literal reenactment of the lyrics… which personally I always find weird… “Oh the song is about you dancing, so unless the video is about dancing, then I don’t like it…”

  28. There was a lot of product placement. I do not think the video is brilliant but just exposes what Lady Gaga is about.

    I think the only reason why people like her music is because they are catchy tunes. People like catchy repetitive sounds. That does not make anyone brilliant just very well sold.

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