“All you’ve got to do is dream and we’ll be there…”

“Ladies and gentleman…  The Crystal Room (editor: heh) is proud to present the club debut of America’s newest recording stars, The Dreams!”

God, I can’t believe the entire scene of this song performance from “Dreamgirls” isn’t floating around on the Youtubes…  So, I had to settle for this preview/abbreviated version…  And as much as “And I Am Telling You” is the big showstopper,  I thought this was the highlight of the movie…  It really captured what I imagine performances by the Supremes er, I mean “The Dreams” were really like in the ’60s…  Oh to have been going to nightclubs in the day when you could see the Supremes, Barbra Streisand and Judy Garland performing live in small venues…  Sigh, I’m such an old-school queen…  But seriously, I love this scene – the moves, the lighting, the costumes, the wigs (oy, the wigs!), the camera angles, the lighting – it is superb.

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