The Sentinel Beckons

Been quite some time since I’ve visited The Sentinel.  Checked out the menu for today and was contemplating the lamb meatball sandwich with feta, tomato sauce and mint – sounded delicious, but also perhaps too heavy for lunch.  So I was going with my old standard corned beef and cabbage sandwich (I know, a day late…) Sadly, though, they were not able accommodate my request to sub mustard for Russian dressing.

Actually, not so sadly, since I quickly changed my mind and got the BBQ Pork sandwich.  De-lish-us.  Very tender and porky, the sauce subtly sweet with a bit of heat; plus carrot slaw with cilantro; all on a seeded roll.  Seriously scrumptious…  All is forgiven for the mustard incident (well, mostly forgiven – how can you run a sandwich shop and not have mustard..? It’s like the time I was in Safeway and they were out of lemons…  Lemons! How can a supermarket be out of lemons?  It’s absurd…)

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