La Pelicula Misteriosa

I’ve been going to Pancho’s for years – their tacos are excellent, thanks in large part to the homemade tortillas and salsas. But every time I visit, I see this poster on the wall and for the life of me I cannot fathom what this movie might be about…


Let’s see: zombie archer, drunken olde-tyme train engineer, Crawford-esque blonde bombshell lookin’ all sexy behind a bullseye, bushy-browed lothario. Honestly, I have no idea how these characters could even be in the same film… But I’m kinda dying to see it…

As I walked home, I passed this chiropractor’s office… And I can’t figure out if this is a chiropractor named Mike Le… Or if it’s a guy named Mike who is fancy and prefers to think of himself as un chiropraticien français. Though it does prove again that everything seems classier en français.


One thought on “La Pelicula Misteriosa

  1. As for the movie, I personally feel it somehow intertwines Pinnocchio’s drunk uncle with a rather queasy cupid wearing a dreadful nightshirt, who suffers terribly from an overbite, and takes his frustration regarding this (and perhaps his poor Health Plan?) out upon the smug looking prat in the top left corner who is lusting terribly over the beautiful blonde girly. (Who he shall never get, because lets face it, animated ass and lovely human lady? Never the twain shall meet).

    Lothario, for the record, MUST be animated because if he is based upon a real man, I am going to suffer nightmares.

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