I’ve watched several episodes of Glee and I just can’t seem to get into it.  Very odd, considering my love of musical theater, my still-fondly-remembered days singing in the high school choir and my raging homosexuality…  But despite all that, the show just leaves me cold.  I think I find most of the singing to be too “American Idol” in style, i.e. focused more on the vocal acrobatics and vibrato rather than simply singing with skill.

At any rate, the cast made an appearance on Oprah the other day.  And they found a real-live show choir to perform on the show.  And those bitches performed “Vogue” – in goddamn court dress, complete with wigs, make-up, fans and moves lifted straight from Madge.  This is exactly the kind of shit that gives me hope for this country…  Keep on voguin’, you young whipper-snappers!

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