My snark-free post for the month…

Lance Blair lost part of his leg when his motorcycle was hit by a truck.  He was 18 and managed to make a rather amazing recovery, outfitted with a prosthetic leg.  Today, he’s running “Disabled Explorers” and just completed creating the WAVE – “Wheelchair Accessible Van for Expeditions” – giving people in wheelchairs the opportunity to do some serious wilderness exploration…  The group also does quite a bit of work with veterans who’ve lost limbs in Iraq and Afghanistan, taking them out to the desert for a few days to help them see what they can still do…

Take a read of this post on Gizmodo.  Quite interesting. And, as for Lance, I can only say “awesome” – a word I seldom use, but seems entirely apropos here. Also, sounds like throwing a couple of bucks to Disabled Explorers would be  money well-spent…  I’m getting out my checkbook…

Disabled Explorers In the World’s Most Badass Short Bus

One thought on “My snark-free post for the month…

  1. Great concept and great story! Keep up the great work your doing! As accessibility continues to expand for the disabled community people are able to regain their freedom and independence.


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