And when you’re gone, he might regret it…

I did sort of enjoy the “Madonna” episode of Glee last week – though I still just cannot get into the show itself.  For a show that is, at its heart, a musical, the singing should be a lot better (and a lot less AutoTuned) than it is…  Nevertheless, watching it put me in Madge mood this week and I’ve been revisiting her catalogue.  So many memories…  And while Vogue will always remain my favorite, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the time-tested delight of Express Yourself – both the song and the video.  And – who knew? – this video remains the third most expensive music video ever made…  behind #2 Die Another Day (WTF? Did they spend all that money on Kaballa water?) and #1 Scream (meh) by Jacko and Janet.

So, come on girls – do you believe in love? ‘Cause I got somethin’ to say about it…  And it goes somethin’ like this…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

2 thoughts on “And when you’re gone, he might regret it…

  1. oh pooh on your opinion about Glee. A bright spot in crappy network television land. Do you at least like Kristen Chenowith?

  2. I totally LOVE Kristen Chenowith! In fact, I think her not being in the SF production of “Wicked” is why I found it so very “meh”… In my view, she should’ve won the Tony for “Wicked” – she’s an old school Broadway star who can sing and has a recognizable and unique voice – as opposed to Idina Menzel (who is fine) who is much more of the vocal acrobatics/belting/American Idol school of singing… IMHO…

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