Cancer is no laughing matter… Well, not always…

Apparently, Australia has decreed that cigarette packaging must now consist solely of the brand-name and a graphic depiction of cancer-riddled lungs. No more fancy crests, groovy camels or sexy logos – just cancer!  Personally, I always wonder if this type of packaging change actually makes any difference – don’t consumers just become inured to the image after having to look at it constantly?  And it wouldn’t stop me from buying them.  I’m well aware intellectually of the fact that they are deadly – but they are so very delicious!  Plus, I got dumped not so long ago!  I get  a free pass to engage in semi-socially-acceptable forms of self-destruction for at least a few more months…

At any rate, one commenter, whose father was a doctor, used to tell his younger female patients that smoking was yellowing their teeth, giving them wrinkles and basically making them age prematurely (which is true!).  And the following comment from allzay was posted in response:

This is exactly why I’m wearing the Patch. I don’t need to start hagging it up any earlier than necessary. Whereas cancer, that is years from now! Who cares?

from Gawker

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