And be sure to wear some flowers in your hair.

For the jackass in your life...

What I saw today…

  • A guy on the Muni unironically wearing those hideous Oakley Thump sunglasses with built-in earphones and MP3 player.  The strangest part was that, other than the monstrous device wrapping his face, he gave every impression of being relatively normal – even wearing a rather flattering and well-selected outfit…
  • A twenty-something chick in front of Lime, who’d apparently over-indulged in “bottomless mimosas”…  She was being propped up by her not-quite-so-drunk friends and had just started puking in the middle of the sidewalk when I passed…  Come on, people, at least get her aiming toward the gutter…  Oh, and this was at 1:00 PM.  Stay classy!
  • A man out for a stroll on this lovely sunny day, clad solely in a thong, sneakers and sunglasses. Happily, he had fairly pleasing physique – usually the public-thong-wearers are large, hirsute and no spring chickens…
  • A one-eyed dog.
  • A young man squeezing his way onto an already packed N-Judah with his bass fiddle…  Though he was pretty polite about making way for others as they boarded and exited the train.

I also got my karma points for the month by handing off my April Fast Pass to a tourist couple waiting to buy cable car tickets, along with the advice it was good until tomorrow for unlimited rides on all Muni vehicles.  They were appreciative…

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