What does this say about me?

Put your sexy on...

Wow – I sure have become quite the lame-ass at posting lately. I think this is due to a combo of not much going on in my life and stuff going on in my life that is not appropriate for sharing (for example, last Sunday’s trip to the Drag-a-thon at Marlena’s…  All I will say is that many cocktails were consumed and I was home “sleeping” by 6PM…)

At any rate, the highlight of the last week has been my acquisition of the HTC Evo, Sprint’s answer to the Jesus phone.  And let me tell you, this phone kicks some serious ass.  Yes, I loved my Palm Pre, but the Evo puts it to shame in terms of speed, ability to customize and the apps available.  And the screen is HUGE! 4.3 inches diagonal, vs. 3.5 for the Pre.  The difference is amazing – I can actually read stuff on the screen without glasses.  Oh, and it has an 8 megapixel camera that takes amazing pix – and it’s all tightly integrated with multiple ways to share pictures (email, MMS, Facebook, Picasa, Twitter, etc.) right from the phone.  And it supports 4G data, which is supposed to be waaaaay faster than 3G (sadly, 4G hasn’t been rolled out in SF yet – sometime in summer or fall they say…)

Of course, I still miss the Pre’s real keyboard – though the Evo’s virtual keyboard is so large, it’s almost a wash.  And the predictive typing works quite well – though I’m still getting used to it.

Which brings me to the reason for the post.  When I text, email or update Facebook with words not currently in the Evo’s dictionary, it adds said words to a user dictionary – that way it can suggest them in the future.  So here is a list of words that my Evo now recognizes, based solely on the last five days of usage.  I think it paints a pretty accurate portrait of what’s going on in my life…

  • Crocs
  • Drag-a-thon
  • drrrrty
  • fatties
  • Gawker
  • inflammable
  • LingLing
  • muu (as in muu muu)
  • ringtones
  • Rowrrr
  • shit
  • Xoxo

One thought on “What does this say about me?

  1. I have muu in mine! Not quite there on Drag-a-thon, though………… Oh, and not quite there on the phone, either. Mine is a $99 peice of delightful simplicity.

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