Back to the Y

So, after a several-week-long hiatus, I hit the gym after work tonight.  And it’s the same as it ever was…  Nothing really out of the ordinary, just the usual assortment of freaks and annoying people (why do straight guys have to talk so loud and for so long about nothing in the locker room?).

And I managed to do nearly my whole 30 minutes on the elliptical machine.  I stopped a few minutes early when I saw my left ventricle protruding through my rib cage – though it seems to be fine now…

But there is a really delightful new feature in the urinals in the men’s locker room (well, I guess that’s redundant – you ladies don’t have urinals, do you?).  They have new urinal liners – and through some diabolical combination of perforations and ridges, the liner does more than just protect the drain – it delivers a nice spray-back of urine onto the user’s legs, regardless of where one aims.  It’s sort of the toilet version of a dribble cup…  And it’s a real treat, let me tell you!  Keep up the good work, YMCA!

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