Yes, this should do the trick…

My life is feeling a bit dull and ordinary these days.  So, I’ve decided to use the music from the trailer for “Inception” as my new theme song.  From now on, when I get to the office, arrive at my local boîte, board Muni, stand in line at the market or perform any of the other quotidian tasks that make up my day, I’m going to play this song – on my headphones if I have to, though I think it would be far more effective if someone (other than me, obv) could set up an amp and some speakers cranked up to 11 at wherever I happen to be and just start playing the shit out of this when I show up…  Everything I do will be both dramatic and epic!

And it seems to be working…  Listened to this on my walk to work today – my new theme was especially effective since all the tall buildings were shrouded in fog, lending a sense of foreboding to my morning commute.  I did also feel like pretty much everyone I passed by was in some way conspiring against me.  Granted, this is not all that unusual a feeling for me, though it was certainly heightened today.  However, I kept expecting something to explode without warning or for a Cloverfield-style monster to launch an attack…  Perhaps this is more drama than I’d bargained for.

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