Hide and Seek

My cat loves to hide – this is not an unusual attribute for a cat.  What amazes me however is that after living with me in my one-bedroom apartment for six years, he still manages to outwit me every now and again – invariably in the midst of doing my chores, so I start to think he’s either dashed out the front door while I’m taking my laundry downstairs; or that he’s managed to wedge himself into some previously-unknown crevice in one of my (many, many) closets. And then the search begins.

One of his favorite spots, particularly if I have visitors (he’s a little shy at first) is under the covers on my bed.  This isn’t much of a hiding place, since his 16-pound self creates a not-insubstantial mound in the middle of the bed.  Frankly, it’s my favorite of his many lairs – he feels like he’s pulled one over on me, but I can see exactly where he is…

Today, though, he upped the ante, as you’ll see…  Cat: 1; Eric: 0.

Hmmm... Clearly no cat hiding under the covers. Or is there?
He is a clever rascal.

UPDATE: Apparently, he realized I was wise to this new hideout.  Seriously, he’s not even trying anymore…

Yes, I know you can see me...
If I can't hide, I'm just gonna be adorable...

3 thoughts on “Hide and Seek

  1. I started cracking up at the sight of the pictures. My cat used to do this too! I thought mine was the only one who did this. Absolutely adorable pictures. I enjoyed this blog immensely, brightened my day.

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