Les vins de Boone’s Farm

I made a snide comment on the Facebook in which I disparaged both Arbor Mist and Boone’s Farm. I’m somewhat familiar with Arbor Mist, thanks to their terrible commercials (“Melon White Zinfandel”? Shudder…) and the fact that I’ve actually seen that crap at the supermarket. But my knowledge of Boone’s Farm was sadly lacking. So, Google to the rescue…

Apparently, it’s barely manufactured anymore.  But there is a Boone’s Farm Fan Club site filled with fascinating lore – including the many nausea-inducing flavors that have been sold over the years (Mango Grove, anyone?).

The site also includes testimonials. And this one is the best:

Nothing goes with sitting naked in the dark watching Golden Girls re-runs on mute while listening to REM’s “Everybody Hurts” like six or eight bottles of Boones. – Michael (Syracuse, NY)

So true…

One thought on “Les vins de Boone’s Farm

  1. Boone’s farm must be mostly an East Coast thing. We drank it in high school! (circa 1973). It cost about 99 cents a bottle back then. I guess high schoolers and winos must still be drinking it, how else could they stay in business? VILE stuff

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