Miss Communication

While I was in Osaka at Frenz, one of my favorite boîtes in Osaka, the owner/bartender asked me what music I wanted to hear. Actually, now that I think about it, the scenario was much more likely along the lines of me slurring, “Hey, can I make a request?”

Whatever, the case, I indicated I wanted to hear Freefallin’ by Zoe Badwi. Yes, it’s some gay disco shit, but I love that shit, what with me being gay and all. Anyway, Sari-chan was looking it up on the internets and having a hard time finding it – so he asked to see my iPod so he could make sure he had the name of the song and artist right. Then the following exchange took place…

S: Oh, I see. I had a misspelling. I added a “G” to the end

E: Huh?

S: I thought there was a “G” on the end..

E: You mean you thought her name was Zoe Badwig? HAHAHAHA! That is ridiculous! Whoever heard of such a thing? HAHAHAHA! OMG! That’s totally my new drag name! Zoe BadWig! HAHAHAHA!

S: No, I thought it was Freefalling, not Freefallin’

E: Oh…

So, yes I am both a jackass and a numbskull. But at least I have a fantastic new drag name. Now let’s just hope she gets famous, so people will get it…

Oh, and Miss Dancer-in-the-Tights-With-Suspenders-and-Crazy-Fake-Beard-and-Top-Hat in this video? Call me.

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