Out With the Old

Finally schlepped myself and my big bag o’ castoff clothes to Crossroads today. And, sad though it may be to want one’s taste in clothing affirmed by a twenty-something hip young woman (who, it should be noted, was just as nice and friendly as can be), it was satisfying nonetheless. They bought everything I brought in – with the exception of the very-cute-but-pilling track jacket I bought in Japan last year (silly me, thinking I could sneak that by…) I do my best to choose clothes that will last me through several seasons (even years) of wear and apparently I’m doing a not half-bad job of it – at least as far as reselling is concerned.

Of course, it’s also quite satisfying to end the year with a bit more space in my (many, many) closets. Though, even with today’s culling of my shoe collection, I’m still maxed out in terms of space in my shoe closet – I’m going to have to do some serious editing before I can make any new acquisitions. Or I suppose I could add some shoe storage space to my main closet – maybe I can keep the “B” rotation in there…

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