Un weekend superbe avec Ralph

My friend Ralph came for a visit this weekend. It was a low-key couple of days, but so much fun. His flight was delayed by six hours, so he arrived very late on Friday – so we stayed in and ate cheese and salumi. Plus chocolate truffles and marzipan-stuffed dates he’d prepared in NYC and brought to SF.

Saturday was spent walking up and over Nob Hill and Russian Hill, down Macondray Lane, a pit stop for cannoli in North Beach, then down the Filbert St. steps. Dinner at Chow and some dancing at Badlands.

Sunday was a late breakfast and a lovely dinner at Le Charm. Then a breakfast of bagels and smoked salmon on Monday morning before escorting him to BART for the trip to SFO to fly home to NYC. A fine weekend indeed…

6 thoughts on “Un weekend superbe avec Ralph

  1. You made me smile, I needed that. It was a better option than running screaming into a busy street, which was my other option today. Pass the dessert? It looks YUM!

  2. I’m glad you guys had fun. After just finishing watching Vertigo and now reading your blog, I am very homesick.

    1. We walked by Kim Novak’s apartment from “Vertigo” on our walk! Also, Steve McQueen’s apartment from “Bullitt.” It’s always the best thing about having visitors – taking time to see and enjoy beautiful SF that I take for granted on most days…

  3. OMG OMG OMG! That is so cool! I was telling MB how proud I was when I tracked down the apartment after watching “Vertigo” for the first time. And yes, I love that whole North Beach/Russian Hill area but funny how you do just take it for granted. Maybe when MB and I come out this spring we can all head over there. I’ve never walked by the “Bullitt” apartment (but I am on a first name basis with Ali MacGraw).

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