Hello, Mr. Sun!

What a lovely day in SF! At 7AM, a certain furry someone headbutted me repeatedly to indicate that he was, in fact, on the brink of dying from starvation. After feeding the poor thing, I returned to bed and caught up on the sleep I’d missed during the week.

Once up a bit later that morning, I rode my bike to Chow for a late breakfast – in shorts, no less, thanks to the glorious weather. Next stop, Paulette Macarons in Hayes Valley – which was an even bigger treat than usual, since la madame française was running the shop today, giving me an opportunity to practice my pretentiousness French language skills. “Deux noix de coco… Deux caramel… Et deux dragée, s’il-vous-plaît. Merci!”

Farmer's Market

From there, I had a perfectly delightful ride down Market St. The east-bound side of Market St. after Van Ness forces cars to turn right within a block of getting onto Market. This makes for much lighter traffic and an easier ride – though of course the road remains rutted and potholed and cracked. But you can’t have everything. I don’t know whether the traffic lights have been recalibrated, but I made it all the way to the Ferry Plaza without having to stop once. It was great.

After the butcher shop at the Ferry Plaza, my next stop was Whole Foods before heading home to my bright and sunny apartment, the windows open, the faint whiff of old man and stale booze finally banished from my abode. A quick round of tidying and now an hour or two to relax before preparing a dinner of filet mignon and herb salad. Life, she is good.

At the Farmer's Market

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