Sacre bleu!

For those of you who doubt the genius of couturier John Galliano, the following story should convince you…

Apparently, Miss Galliano was in a fashionable boîte in Le Marais and had maybe had one or two too many coupes de champagne. And some clearly unfashionable philistines did not recognize le maître de la Maison Dior and mistook him for some kind of hobo and/or buccaneer (granted, his personal style is a bit, shall we say, eccentric…) After raising his glass and a hearty “Salut!“, the couple in question, according to an eyewitness, said “You’re ugly, you’re disgusting, move away from here!” Which elicited the following reply from Mlle. Galliano:

You’re ugly and you’re fucking bag is ugly too.

I don’t know how to say “Oh snap” en francais. But I think I need to learn tout de suite. I mean, it’s bad enough for someone to tell you your bag is hideous – but to have one of the greatest fashion designers on earth do so? How much sharper than a serpent’s stiletto that must be…

Oh, and I should add that there are also rumors to the effect that Galliano tossed some anti-semitic insults toward them as well. I certainly hope this turns out to be untrue – I’d hate to have anything detract from the frissons de plaisir this story is giving me.

from Sleek

UPDATE: Galliano not likely to come out of this smelling like a rose. The Sun posted video of the designer professing his love for Hitler. Though quite clearly inebriated, his behavior is not so amusant after all.

UPDATE B: Yep, he just got canned by Dior.

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