Carpet of Broken Dreams

Making it in Hollywood, even in the most obscure or tangential way, is a feat to be admired, if only as a tribute to an actor’s determination and perseverance. It’s a town filled with thousands upon thousands of aspiring actors and entertainers, many of whom will do anything to get ahead, yet few manage to get even the most tenuous of footholds.

So, even being cast in a commercial for a household appliance is nothing to smirk at. Yet I can’t help but wonder: when this lady was first treading the boards; when she was first cast in the role of Ophelia as a sophomore in college; when her dream of one day conquering Tinseltown took hold… did she think that her big break would be announcing to the world, “Sometimes I need to deep clean my carpet right away!”? And following it up by associating said need for a thorough rug-cleansing by an unexpected visit from mom isn’t really helping matters…

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