Let them eat lightbulbs!

Today’s article in the NYTimes re. General Electric’s legal tax evasion is, for lack of a better word, vomitous. The company paid zero taxes while their profits – profits! – in the U.S. alone were over $5 billion.

Time and time again, I am completely outraged (to coin a phrase) that most people and businesses in the U.S. now equate paying any taxes as both literally and morally equivalent to being robbed at gunpoint. No longer is there any concern for the common good or any acknowledgement of government’s role in promoting that good – it’s every man for himself. And once I’ve got mine, fuck all the rest of you! You deserve what you get (or, more likely, don’t get) – you probably weren’t praying hard enough to the correct god.

When does the revolution start? I’ve got my pitchfork ready.

The only bright note about this story? The best comment of the day from  FrenchTwist40 at Wonkette:

I’m knitting their names into my scarf right now…

And, now, I’m off to organize the Comité de salut public… Let the Reign of Terror begin!

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