Algorithms are hilarious!

I’ve already forgotten what I was looking up on the Google – I think it was either how to insert new ear plugs (the faux-tribal-dirty-hipster kind, not the why-can’t-people-just-shut-the-fuck-up-so-I-wouldn’t-have-to-jam-cone-shaped-pieces-of-foam-into-my-ears-simply-for-one-moment-of-peace-and-quiet kind) or what the best brand of curry powder is.

Whatever the case, the site I wound up at had these suggestions on other how-to articles I might be interested in:

What a riot! Because is there anybody who doesn’t already know how to perform all of these tasks? Honestly, what’s next – how to blink your eyes?

One thought on “Algorithms are hilarious!

  1. I’m stuck trying to figure out what person would be targeted for this assortment. Whimsical vegan heavy equipment operator?

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