Morning in NYC

Before I started my work day (hooray for telecommuting!), I walked up to Murray’s Bagels for breakfast to go – onion bagel with cream cheese and bacon (yes, bacon – I never claimed to be kosher). Sadly, I once again neglected to order any rugelach for an afternoon snack. Oh well – I decided to stop by Rocco’s for one of their amazing cannoli.

Imagine my disappointment to find they are closed and undergoing extensive renovations – as demanded by the Health Department. Apparently, a more apt name would’ve been Ratso’s… Oh well. I read about a new French macaron place on the LES. Maybe I’ll take a walk over there this afternoon…

The view from my "office."

SFO-JFK Live Blog

I’ve been IM’ing my trials and tribulations as I fly cross-country to my friend Emily. She suggested I live-blog the horror. So here goes!

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Quote of the Day

Awwww! So cute...

The Hairpin had a very servicey post today on spiking one’s iced coffee with booze – along with a highly accurate chart on frequency of liquor store visits correlated to size and quantity of bottles purchased.

But one commenter wondered about the appropriate time to drink liquor-enhanced coffee – in the morning isn’t really appropriate for most who work for a living and after work means the caffeine will keep you up all night. Punkahontas had this trenchant observation:

Maybe for brunch? Daytime drinking is like being on vacation! From your life!

Were truer words ever spoken? I think not. And now, I’m going “on vacation”…

from The Hairpin


I’m not quite sure how I only just recently learned about this video by B4-4. See if you can make it all the way through! Be sure to listen to the lyrics – they are verrrrry subtle…

And yes, two of them are identical twins. And Canadian. And orange. And lady-browed. Also, the group did a Non-Smoking Campaign for the European Union alongside Moby.

So, let’s parse this…

Apparently Facebook thinks I’m a sad lonely homo who copes with my pathetic lot in life by staring at the TV and cramming my maw with discount cupcakes.

In other words, it’s 100% accurate. Hooray for algorithms!

I love them.

That is all.

Well, except maybe she should have gone with a leopard rather than a lion. Then she’d have a leopard leotard…

from Poorly Dressed

NYC’s Complete Streets

This video is just great.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

SF is slowly but surely improving things for cyclists – and it’s actually a very bike friendly city already! But NYC’s “complete streets” approach is quite amazing. I look forward to SF having things like bike lanes physically separated from automobile traffic; more (and better enforced) dedicated transit lanes; and traffic calming features.

Of course, I’m also very jealous that NYC’s terrain is so flat. No need for The Wiggle!