I think I may be feeling a bit of schadenfreude…

It’s well known that there’s no accounting for taste. This, along with the what often seems like the innate stupidity of many (most?) people, means that there are those who see the name “Trump” appended to poorly-constructed,  creatively-financed, architecturally-uninspired and often faux-gilded condos as a positive and desirable thing – enough so that they will part with their own hard-earned (or hard-borrowed) money to purchase one of these tract-Taj-Mahal-ettes.

Shockingly (shockingly!), Donald Trump may not actually be the developer of these unlavishly appointed and improperly financed properties. He’s only renting his name out for a fee! What is the world coming to? I mean, if you can’t trust The Donald, who can you trust?

“The last thing you ever expect is that somebody you revere will mislead you,” said Alex Davis, 38, who bought a $500,000 unit in Trump International Hotel and Tower Fort Lauderdale.

Yes, Mr. Davis – that is certainly the last thing I would ever expect. Especially from The Donald! He positively exudes bright orange pancake makeup trustworthiness.

As flabbergasting as this is, it gets worse. “Trump University” (hahahaha! Try saying that with a straight face!) has been accused of “offering classes that are little more than extended ‘infomercials'”.

“It was almost completely worthless,” said Jeffrey Tufenkian, 49, who along with his wife, Sona, enrolled in a $35,000 “Gold Elite” class at Trump University to jump-start a career in real estate.

You know I remember when “Gold Elite” really meant something. Not anymore,  apparently – just empty words.

from NYTimes

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