The rich get richer…

So, I love a bargain, just as much as the next person. I just recently decided I’m going to buy a new bike soon. It’s not the most expensive bike, but it’s not cheap either. Whatever the case though, I’ve made a decision to spend this money on this product…

And, because I’m lucky enough to have a good credit score and like doing lots of online research, I got a new credit card that will, once I purchase this bike, give me enough bonus miles for a free airline ticket anywhere in the U.S. – simply for spending money I was planning to spend anyhow.

I mean, I guess this is the essence of capitalism. But it’s always struck me as wrong that the more money one has/spends, the more free shit one gets. On a personal level, “yay for me!” But on a societal level, “ew gross.” Those of us lucky enough (and yes, it’s totally luck) to be doing OK get more free shit. And those of us (not me!) who are as rich as Croesus get so much free shit it’s unbelievable. What a world!

And yes, I guess I’m a hypocrite for even writing about any of this, since I’m so looking forward to my next free trip to NYC. Sigh… Capitalism is a bitch.

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