Least Favorite New Trends

  • “Gifted” being used as a verb instead of the perfectly adequate word “gave.”
  • Tuna sandwiches now guaranteed to give me heartburn.
  • The serial comma as a rule rather than only used when required for clarity.
  • Bicyclists driving the wrong way on one-way streets – I literally see this multiple times every day and would happily testify in open court against every single one of them.
  • The contemporary and widely-held view that “deadline” means “whenever I get around to it.”
  • Muni ghost buses.
  • Not being on an island in the south of France.
  • Deep cleavage in the workplace.
  • People attempting to hail a bus in the middle of the block like a taxicab. WTF?
  • My repeated failures to choose winning lottery numbers.

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