Mantises 1; Marlins 0.

Logan Morrison of the Florida Marlins has an unsettling encounter in the dugout.  Also, so moded… and exactly how I would react in the same situation.

from The Hairpin

Even I Can’t Roll My Eyes That Hard

I just love this photo. It’s like a picture of inside my brain every time I ride Muni. But in fact, it’s just some hot dude diving. See more amazing facial expressions here. Oh, and also Matthew Mitcham is my imaginary boyfriend…


Move Over, Kate and Wills!

So, I think we’ve all heard about (and been creeped out by) the recent marriage of 51-year old actor Doug Hutchinson (if you look up “pervy old dude” in the dictionary, you’ll see his photo. Also, he has an anus mouth) and 16-year old Courtney Stoddard (yes, she is actually 16, despite looking like a 40-something OC divorcée and plastic surgery buff). And it comes as no surprise that they are trolling for a reality show – because, as we all know, appearing on TV – no matter how horrible, desperate, despicable or dimwitted one is portrayed – is the only true measure of success in these United States.

Anyway, the lovebirds (vom) have been giving interviews left and right, declaring their deep and genuine love for one another. And this animated GIF is mesmerizing. Is she having a series of small strokes? Is she being “sexy” (and doing a really fine job of it!)? Is she just so ecstatic over her good-fortune in marrying such a magnificent specimen? Did she just have dental work done and the Novocaine hasn’t worn off? All of these? I don’t know! But I can’t stop watching…


TOYGERS! Cats bred to resemble toy tigers! ROWR! Grrrrr… Though of course I’d never spend $800 for a kitten when there are plenty waiting for adoption in shelters. But still – that tiger cat sure is purrr-dy!

¡Ay Chihuahua!

A couple of guys robbed a smoke shop in So Cal – but didn’t get much money when the store owner’s Chihuahua took matters into his own paws.

At one point, one of the robbers even points his rifle at the diminutive but undaunted pooch, who chases the pair out of the store and down the street.

So moded…

from LATimes via The Awl

Who is the pip with pizzazz?

OK, I realize I’m probably posting too much from musicals – but mon dieu! How can anyone resist this number? I DON’T KNOW! Even if you hate the music (i.e. if you are insane), just look at the tugboat scene. This is all real! They had a helicopter flying over and around that tugboat while Babs sang her heart out in NY Harbor! And it is flawless.

I’m sure it comes as no surprise, but my first order of business after winning the lottery is to have a custom-made bias-cut orange dress and fur hat and muff designed just for me so I can re-enact this scene. And yes, I’ll be buying a tugboat and painting it turquoise (duh).

Also, I’m hoping that I can re-use that orange dress – make the hem a little higher, add a big white hat, turn the original skirt into a layered shawl – just like Babs did in On A Clear Day (it is the same dress, right?). Seriously – it’s the same dress, isn’t it? WHO CARES? It is fantastic! Also waste not, want not.