Who is the pip with pizzazz?

OK, I realize I’m probably posting too much from musicals – but mon dieu! How can anyone resist this number? I DON’T KNOW! Even if you hate the music (i.e. if you are insane), just look at the tugboat scene. This is all real! They had a helicopter flying over and around that tugboat while Babs sang her heart out in NY Harbor! And it is flawless.

I’m sure it comes as no surprise, but my first order of business after winning the lottery is to have a custom-made bias-cut orange dress and fur hat and muff designed just for me so I can re-enact this scene. And yes, I’ll be buying a tugboat and painting it turquoise (duh).

Also, I’m hoping that I can re-use that orange dress – make the hem a little higher, add a big white hat, turn the original skirt into a layered shawl – just like Babs did in On A Clear Day (it is the same dress, right?). Seriously – it’s the same dress, isn’t it? WHO CARES? It is fantastic! Also waste not, want not.

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