Wow! I can cook the shit outta some pasta…

OK, I seldom use this forum to toot my own horn (heh, yeah right…). But I decided to use up the rest of the cream I bought this week with another serving of pasta with peas, shallots and lemon. And, as I often do, I made a few adjustments to the recipe based on previous experience – which, if I do say so myself, resulted in an amazing bowl of pasta. Just enough salt, cream, lemon and parmigiano – plus the shallots were cooked exactly right and the peas (yes, frozen) were still bright green and both crispy and tender… It was perfect (though I suppose I should’ve added some pignoli…) and I feel sorry for everyone who didn’t get to have this for dinner.

One thought on “Wow! I can cook the shit outta some pasta…

  1. I hope you know to avoid pine nuts from China…they can cause Pine Mouth Syndrome. New Mexico’s are best of course, but Italy will do as well.

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