Where the Cranky Things Are

Maurice Sendak, the beloved children’s book author and illustrator, gives an interview to The Guardian. And I have to say, I kind of love him after reading it…  To wit, his observations on others:

Of Salman Rushdie, who once gave him a terrible review in the New York Times, he says: “That flaccid fuckhead. He was detestable. I called up the Ayatollah, nobody knows that.”

Roald Dahl: “The cruelty in his books is off-putting. Scary guy. I know he’s very popular but what’s nice about this guy? He’s dead, that’s what’s nice about him.”

Stephen King: “Bullshit.”

Gwyneth Paltrow: “I can’t stand her.”

I think if you look up “cantankerous” in the dictionary, Mr. Sendak’s picture is there. Also, it feels a bit like looking into the future. I suspect I’ll be (or perhaps already am?) the non-famous Tenderloin version of this particular strain of old coot-dom.

from The Guardian via Dlisted

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