To Enter This Voting Booth, You Must Be at Least This Informed

Yes. Yes I do. But my conclusion is based on the evidence.

Reading in the NYTimes on Sunday about Herman Cain’s inexplicable and apparently sustained appeal.

“The way he words things, he doesn’t make it real complicated,” said a woman who declined to give her name.

I’m guessing “declined to give her name” should actually be “was unsure of her name or how to find her way home.”

Honestly, I don’t understand people like this. “Well, I’m not really bright enough or sufficiently well-informed to draw any conclusions about the stated policies of a given candidate, so I’ll vote for the person who comes up with the most simplistic proposals; proposals that will result in further economic hardship for me, while requiring the wealthy to contribute even less than the relative pittance they do today.”

And I’ll wager she’s the type who thinks “simple” and “simplistic” are synonyms.

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