Better Than Beige – I Guess?

I have a mild tendency to get irritated over things that are inconsequential to me. And by “mild,” I mean “pathological.” But even by my standards, this was an odd thing for me to get exercised about…

I was on my bike headed down Howard St. toward Whole Foods  and I spied several car lengths ahead of me a Bentley Continental GT – an automobile that I find, even as someone who is not a car owner or aficionado, to be among the most stunningly gorgeous machines ever made. And the sound of the engine, both purring and growling simultaneously, makes my heart beat faster. Seriously.

But there was something odd about this particular Bentley Continental GT. But what was it? Hmm, I’m a little closer now, giving it another look.  Oh, OK, I see the problem here. It’s white. WHITE. The owner of this car chose white from among the literally dozens of colors available. Colors like Havana, Midnight Emerald, Claret, Beluga, Sequin Blue (!), Kingfisher and, my personal favorite, Brewster (a lovely shade of deep green). And not even a fancy white, like Moonbeam, Silver Storm or Ghost White. Just white – like a Toyota. Or a Frigidaire.

Really, it just boggles my mind that one would spend $200,000 on this beautiful automobile and then say, “Yeah, I’ll just take the white one. It’s fine.” As my mother and grandmother have always said, “Good taste costs no more…”

The Bentley Continental GT in Brewster

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