Shit People Say

So, I’m assuming that you’re already well-familiar with the “Shit (Specific Type of Person) Says” meme that’s been lighting up the interwebs lately? If not, it started with “Shit Girls Say” – which is rather hilarious.

It was immediately followed by lots and lots and lots of reinterpretations with various other genders/ethnicities/descriptors replacing “Girls.” And, for the most part, they were kinda meh. But just yesterday I came across three excellent ones.

First is “Shit White Girls Say to Black Girls.” It’s both funny AND cringe-inducing, since I’m quite sure that the lady who made this video has fielded all of these questions/comments many, many times.

“Not to sound racist, but…” is a classic. It is code for “I’m about to say something horribly racist, but by announcing that being racist is not my intention, that means I get a pass, right?”

Of course, it’s a conundrum. I’m a white male, but also a gay. How important is context? Am I racist for my exasperated observations of what-appear-to-be culturally-based differences in methods for boarding public transportation? Perhaps. And I certainly see a difference between being greeted “Hey Queen!” by one of my fellow gays (and generally responding “Hey girl!”) and being referred to as “that queen” by someone not of my tribe. Eh, like I always say, I’m just a misanthrope. I hate everyone, regardless of race, creed, color, national origin or sexual orientation.

Then there’s “Shit Gay Guys Say to Their Cats” – which could have been filmed in my apartment. It is eerily accurate. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, frankly…

After seeing that, I was like “Game over. That’s it. This meme cannot be improved upon.” And then, this:


via fourfour

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