“The Lens of Humanity”

Well, I’m back! And yes, this post ought to be about my fabulous trip to Maui, but I’ve had a rather difficult time readjusting to real life, so I’ve been too lazy and depressed to do so. But I seem to be better now! So, perhaps this weekend I’ll post a few details of my trip.

In the meantime, I couldn’t resist sharing this rather fascinating video. A couple of d-bags from anti-gay-marriage group NOM showed up at the Starbucks shareholders meeting. They voiced their opposition to the company’s active support of same-sex marriage (both in general and in relation to the recent legalization of same-sex marriage in Washington). CEO Howard Schultz spoke respectfully to the questioners and, I’m happy to report, indicated that the company’s decision was reached both easily and through the “lens of humanity.”

Perhaps more interestingly, his answer to the second hate-mongering bigot questioner focused almost entirely on the fact that same-sex marriage is good for business – it benefits the people who work for Starbucks, which in turn benefits the company, not only in terms of its culture, but in terms of shareholder value. And “shareholder value” is a term beloved by every publicly traded company… So, sorry NOM – you’ve lost. In the USofA, there’s no fighting Wall St. and the almighty dollar.*

*I’m not necessarily delighted with this particular notion, but that’s really a separate discussion

A Brief Hiatus

I’ve decided to give everyone a preview of what life will be like after a massive solar flare engulfs the earth and transforms our modern electronic utopia into a prehistoric hellscape where we all huddle in caves, venturing forth only to battle the nuclear rats for dwindling scraps of food…

In other words, my computer is in the shop (thanks to an apparently dead hard drive and a highly unsuccessful attempt to reinstall Windows…) and I leave for vacation on Thursday morning. So no blogging for me!

In the meantime, please enjoy this. I think the fact that it is in Icelandic makes it even better – and keep your eye on the accomplice. He is hilarious.