Oh for the good ol’ days…

Ross Douthat, the NYT’s resident conservative columnist, has written a book about “contemporary American Christianity” – and, if this review by Mark Oppenheimer in the paper of record is to be believed, it sounds HILARIOUS!

“Both doubters and believers have benefited from the role that institutional Christianity has traditionally played in our national life,” Mr. Douthat writes, referring to the Eisenhower era. He cites the old Christianity’s “communal role, as a driver of assimilation and a guarantor of social peace, and its prophetic role, as a curb against our national excesses and a constant reminder of our national ideals.”

Yes, the Eisenhower era. Everything was perfect then!* Let’s check in with the blacks, the Jews, the women, the gays, the Koreans, the commies and all the other non-white, non-male, non-Americans from that era and ask how things were working out for them and what Christianity was bringing to their lives.

Mr. Douthat’s portrait of mid-century religiosity is too idyllic.

Ya think? Stop it, you’re killing me! Seriously, you ought to take this act on the road…

*OK, OK, I’ll grant that the 92% tax rate on the wealthy back in the day was super-cool…

from NYTimes

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