Oh, Broadway. You’re the Best.

How I love the Tonys. Sure, it’s really just a three-hour commercial for the Broadway “brand” – but what a commercial! And maybe I’m just a sap, but the acceptance speeches seem so genuinely heartfelt – thanks directed to fellow cast members, to writers, to other nominees, to parents, to acting coaches. People seem truly thrilled to be honored by this small and very passionate community.

Of course, the thing that always makes me a bit sad when I watch the Tony Awards is the fact that I don’t live in NYC. It breaks my heart knowing that I won’t get to see this year’s production of Death of a Salesman – and that I still haven’t seen Book of Mormon. I need to figure out how to fund an annual trip each spring and just go to see a show every day for a week-and-a-half…

Here are a few of my favorites from last night.

Haven’t seen Once (dying to, obviously) but I’m totally down with Steve Kazee’s win for Best Actor in a Musical.

Corny? Absolutely. But the dancing is spectacular.

Wow. Just wow. I want to fly to NYC right now and see Jesus Christ Superstar.

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