I wouldn’t go a penny over $20 million…

I love me some good NYC real estate porn – and this three-level penthouse in the  West Village is porn-a-riffic! The apartment itself (listed at $30 million) looks quite nice and awash in light – though frankly, nothing really out of the ordinary, other than being palatial by NYC standards. But the terraces (plural!), my god, the terraces. They  are just absolutely mind-boggling.

Of course, the floor plan might give one pause. As one of the commenters on Curbed NY pointed out re. traveling between the first and second floors:

oh yeah, and no interior connection to the first floor. Nothing says luxury like going through a common hallway to get to part of your apartment.

Truly deluxe! Though there seemed to be consensus that a spiral staircase (ugh) between the two floors is tucked away in a closet somewhere. Me? I’d sell off the first floor, convert the top floor great room into a full-floor master and then spend my days drinking champagne (LOTS of champagne – real champagne not that cheap cava that I happily get by on today) on my terraces (plural!) while bellowing “Let them eat cake!”

The maintenance/CC fees are $5675 – per month. Oh, and taxes are another $3666 – per month. Hilarious!

from Curbed NY

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