Oh No They Di’n’t!

Minding my own business in the line at Whole Foods and checking out the various magazine covers. I’m not a People reader (seriously, it’s not even a guilty pleasure – it’s the worst kind of drivel and I honestly don’t understand why people give a shit about anything any Kardashian does or says. But I digress…) but I’m not made of stone – the cover was “Before They Were Stars!” along with pictures of various celebs as kids and teens. “OK, that’s Britney. That’s Brad Pitt. Hmm… Not sure about him… Oh, it’s Bruno Mars – who cares? There’s Taylor Lautner. Why’s he showing off his abs when he appears to be 12-years-old? Gross… Wait a minute… WTF?” I think some queen on staff at People is giving us all a little nudge-nudge-wink-wink. Actually, maybe closer to hitting us with a sledgehammer. Check out just behind Miss Lautner on the right. Gurl. GURRRRRRL. GURRRRRRRRRRRLLLLL!! Seriously, there must be literally thousands of pictures of this kid and this is the one that makes its way onto the cover? Mmmm-hmmm.

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